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Quanta Pronto

The Quanta Pronto is the fastest hair reduction diode laser on the market.

Hair removal is still the most requested laser treatment at most medi-spas and aesthetic clinics, so we proudly offer you the Quanta Pronto.

The Pronto is the fastest hair reduction diode laser on the market firing at 12Hz and can treat a full man’s back in under 10 minutes. This portable machine is the only dual wavelength diode laser; targeting both the melanin and the vascular supply to the hair follicle for superior results at unmatched speeds.


  • SmoothPulse™ mode provides a comfortable treatment

  • Fires at up to 12Hz for super fast treatment times

  • Integrated skin cooling technology

  • Effective on all skin types (I-VI) and on tanned skin

Our newest laser- The Quanta Forte!

The Quanta Forte is one of a kind and an entirely new device offering several unique benefits. Combining the high-speed diode, intense cooling action (pain from hair removal is virtually nonexistent), plus IPL (intense pulse light)

SMOOTH SKIN AND MORE! This laser effectively treats:

■ Permanent Hair Reduction
■ Vascular Lesions Removal
■ Pigmented Lesions Removal
■ Skin Resurfacing
■ Acne Vulgaris

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